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EatSmart Products Featured on The Rachael Ray Show

EATSMART_FEATURED_ON_rachael_ray_pinterestOn Monday, January 2, 2017, EatSmart Products was featured on The Rachael Ray Show. As part of the “17 Top Tips to Lose Weight in 2017!“, Rachael Ray and celebrity personal trainer, Bob Harper, highlighted the importance of weighing yourself and your food. The EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale and the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale were included as essential weight management tools.


With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, Harper told the audience, “If you’re trying to lose weight, I believe you should weigh yourself every day. You’re going to see how your body fluctuates.” Rachel recommended every other day as a more realistic option. Whichever you chose, be sure to weigh yourself at the same time each day in the same amount of clothing to get the most accurate reading.

The Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is a sleek, modern scale that weighs up to 11 pounds. It’s perfect for learning correct portion sizes, measuring ingredients, and planning snacks for the week. It can weigh in ounces, pounds, kilograms or grams. The tare feature keeps life simple by automatically eliminating the weight of a bowl, plate or previous ingredients. This scale also comes with a free EatSmart Calorie Factors Book to simplify counting calories.


The Precision GetFit Body Fat Scale is a must have tool for anyone who serious about fitness and health. Unlike your everyday bathroom scale, the GetFit Body Fat Scale estimates body fat, muscle mass, total body water, and bone mass, in addition to your weight. This scale automatically recognizes users when they step on the scale and stores personal profiles for up to 8 users. The scale also has a touchscreen interface as well as a large, easy to read LCD display.


EatSmart scales are great tools for anyone trying to lose weight. These products help you live a healthier lifestyle and provide feedback along the, letting you know how you are doing. Our kitchen scales teach you correct portion sizes and help you stay within your daily calorie allotment. Our bathroom scales keep you accountable to your weight loss goals as well as provide other important health metrics for a complete picture of your health.

As part of the weight loss segment on The Rachael Ray Show, EatSmart Products donated 150 kitchen scales and 150 digital bathroom scales to audience members.

Introducing the EatSmart Precision Choice Digital Bathroom Scale

esp_meet-the-choice_scaleWe are excited to share the brand new EatSmart Precision Choice Digital Bathroom Scale. This scale is ready to go whenever you are ready to weigh in – simply step on and get your weight within seconds. The slim, ergonomic design fits perfectly into any surroundings, and its tempered safety glass platform weighs up to 400 pounds to the nearest 0.2 lbs. With our “beep feature”, the scale will beep once when a weight locks in, giving the user time to step off and easily view the display. The Precision Choice is our basic bathroom scale as there are no additional features or user profiles to set up.

Here’s the front of the box: eatsmart-precision-choice-bathroom-scale-new

Here’s the back of the box: eatsmart-precision-choice-bathroom-scale-newbox

What’s in the box:


Inside the box, you will find the bathroom scale, an instruction manual, customer satisfaction guarantee and three AAA batteries (included – taped to the plastic packaging).

Battery compartment:


Just pop the three batteries into the back of the scale and you are ready to go.

Four EatSmart precision sensors: eatsmart-precision-choice-bathroom-scale-feet

Four EatSmart precision sensors in each foot of the scale ensure accurate measurements in 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg increments.

Three measurement modes: eatsmart-precision-choice-bathroom-scale-measurements

You can easily switch between pounds, kilograms or stones by pushing the unit button to the right of the battery compartment.

Height of the scale: eatsmart-precision-choice-bathroom-scale-height

The platform sits approximately one inch off of the ground. For context of the scale’s size, here it is next to a quarter.

Beep feature:

LCD screen:

lcd_screen_bathroomscaleThe scale’s backlit LCD display is 3.2”x 1.5” and lights up in cool blue. The Precision Choice gives instant readings using EatSmart “Step-On” Technology and will automatically turn off to conserve battery power.

Sleek design:

lcd_screen_bathroomscale_precision_choiceThis bathroom scale sports a black-backed, tempered glass platform and 11.8″x 11.8″ base. The scale itself weighs in at 4.5 lbs and looks great in any surroundings. precision-choice-black-bath-scale

Features include:


As with all EatSmart scales, the Precision Choice includes our 100% satisfaction guarantee and two-year warranty.

Click here to purchase the scale on Amazon for only $17.95.

Do you have any questions about our new Precision Choice Bathroom Scale? Please tweet them to us @eatsmartscales. We’re here to help!

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