How to Host a Successful Holiday Dinner Party-TIPS

How to Host a Successful Holiday Dinner Party

The holiday season is the perfect time to throw a dinner party. You can connect with friends and family while enjoying delicious food in a relaxed, intimate setting. While the thought of hosting a gathering may seem overwhelming, you can reduce the stress of your dinner party with some forethought and prepping ahead of time. […]

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Every Mom Needs An EatSmart Digital Food Scale

11 Reasons Every Mom Needs A Digital Food Scale

It’s not easy being a mom. With a long list of daily responsibilities and limited time, moms are always looking for ways to simplify life. In particular, feeding her children, and herself, is a constant cycle of planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning dishes and when all else fails –  ordering delivery! A digital food scale does […]

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12 Healthy Snack Ideas for Movie Night

12 Healthy Snack Ideas for Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a movie night? Kicking back with friends or family is a fun, relaxing way to spend the evening. Of course, movies and snacks go hand in hand. Junk foods and mindless munching, however, can really throw off your healthy eating plan. Instead, make some of these tasty snacks for a healthier nosh. […]

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9 Reasons Why Every Runner Needs A Body Fat Scale

9 Reasons Why Every Runner Needs A Body Fat Scale

Whether you’re a first-time runner or a veteran training for a marathon, running can change your body. An important step in maintaining your health and performance is the ability to assess your body composition in real time. A body fat scale can help you monitor key metrics to identify potential injury risks and evaluate if […]

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Easy And Healthy Swaps To Make At The Grocery Store-2

14 Easy And Healthy Swaps To Make At The Grocery Store

Making small changes on what you add to your grocery cart can result in big gains for your and your family’s health. Skipping processed foods in favor of easy to prepare whole foods will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Prepackaged foods are often loaded with added sugars, sodium, and fillers meaning you are eating […]

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grilling steak

10 Steps for Grilling the Best Steak of Your Life

Ah, summer! The time of year when you spend a lot of time cooking and dining outdoors. Whether you’re grilling for yourself or hosting a party, when you invest in high-quality pieces of meat, you want them cooked to perfection.   Do you struggle to make sure your steaks are done just right when grilling? […]

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13 Common Cooking Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Whether you’re a professional chef, or are still learning to boil water properly, everyone makes mistakes while cooking. Some mishaps will go unnoticed, but others can spoil a dish and will leave you ordering take-out. We’d like to help take your cooking skills to the next level. We’ve compiled some of the most common cooking […]

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