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Apple Fries

apples fries 2

Fall is definitely in the air here in New Jersey.  When I think of fall, I think of apple picking and the delicious crisp crunch you get with fresh picked apples of many varieties.   Apple cider,  apple pie,  apple doughnuts are just a few of my apple favorites.  I now can add “Apple Fries” a yummy, delicious yet healthy treat to my list.

Marlene Baird of Nosh My Way was kind enough to share this recipe with EatSmart.  There is no frying involved;  the apples are roasted to give this recipe a healthy spin.  Try serving them as a side dish or a dessert,  another tasty way to enjoy the benefits of the fall fries 1

Get the full Recipe at Nosh My Way and series of more delicious recipes!

Author Bio: I am a native San Franciscian, with a Mediterranean heritage (the island of Malta).  I have a passion for making healthy versions of a variety of recipes from all over the world.  I am a Weight Watchers wanna be back at goal weight with a Lifetime membership. You can find more of my recipes on my blog, Nosh My Way or follow me on Twitter, @Marbaird.

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One thought on “Apple Fries

  1. Thank you so much for the feature of my apple fries on your blog. They were a huge hit at my house.

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