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10,000 Reviews & Giveaway


Everyone here at EatSmart has 10,000 reasons to be chockablock with pride.  The  EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale has reached a huge milestone–over 10,000 reviews have been logged on for our #1 Bathroom Scale.  To put this into perspective,  the Kindle Fire has approx. 16,000 reviews.  Pretty impressive company, if you ask me!

So we want to Commemorate, Cheer, Applaud and CELEBRATE this achievement with a GRAND GIVEAWAY.

The celebration begins with one lucky EatSmart fan winning a $150 Amazon Gift Card to spend on whatever makes them happy.  In addition, they will also win a Precision Digital Bathroom Scale to see for them themselves what 10,000 Amazon buyers are raving about.


The Celebration continues with an additional NINE EatSmart supporters winning a set of  EatSmart/ TravelWise Packing Cubes.  These packing cubes are the newest addition to our travel product line and are well on the way to becoming THE travel essential that keeps clothes organized and streamlines packing.


TEN winners in all to make this celebration something SPECIAL!

Entering the contest is easy and can be done through the form below.  Here is how you can win:

  • Fill in your name (1 Entry)
  • Fill in your email (1 Entry)
  • Comment at the bottom of this post and let us know what color TravelWise Packing Cubes you would like [Red, Black, Silver, Teal or Purple] (1 Entry)
  • Like this blog post (1 Optional Entry)
  • Like us on Facebook (1 Optional Entry)
  • Click here to share the giveaway on Twitter (1 Optional Entry)

Giveaway ends on Friday, August 30th at 12 noon EST. The winners will be selected at random and notified by email. They will have 48 hours to reply back before a new winner is selected. (Sorry, but it’s limited to US residents)

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60 thoughts on “10,000 Reviews & Giveaway

  1. I commented in the form but will comment here too…I would choose teal!

  2. Leslie on said:

    I love the teal!!

  3. I would LOVE teal!

  4. sandra davis on said:

    i like the purple

  5. Shyama Balachandra on said:

    I love teal but surprise me!

  6. judy litz on said:


  7. Geetanjali on said:

    I like Red

  8. Natalie S on said:

    Love the teal and red colors! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  9. Cindy Bowling on said:


  10. Abby Kraynick on said:

    LOVE the teal , but they are all nice

  11. Danielle E. on said:

    The teal is my favorite

  12. purple, please 🙂

  13. Danyelle C. on said:

    I would like the red 🙂

  14. tbennington on said:

    Love the teal

  15. Sandra Brower on said:

    Black Please!

  16. Amber G. on said:

    I would like the Black ones. Thanks!

  17. SharonF on said:

    I like them all, but the grey would better match my other luggage.

  18. Lynette on said:

    I love them all, but probably silver!

  19. Donna Murphy on said:

    the silver is so pretty!! my son needs this so much!!

  20. mary ballerin on said:

    I wish there was a beige/tan color …. my pugs shed a lot so my life is neutral-colored. 😉

  21. Allicia on said:

    The teal ones are very nice

  22. rebeccabasset on said:

    I will also comment here, I like the Teal Color the best.

    Thanks again for the giveaway!

  23. These are great! We have new luggage too and these would be fabulous! I forgot to check that I liked EatSmart on facebook but I did and of course I liked the post!

  24. Anitha Kuppuswamy on said:

    I Love the Black!!!!!

  25. Debbie Welchert on said:

    I like the color black

  26. Like the teal, thanks for the chance to win…

  27. kim Parrott on said:

    Teal is gorgeous

  28. Debbie R on said:


    Already like you on Twitter. Like you on FB and will continue tweeting.

  29. Commented on form, but just to be sure…. love the red! Thanks for this giveaway. 😀

  30. Cathy Tougher on said:

    The Black

  31. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love the set in Purple. I tweeted about the giveaway, I’m @PrettyBitches on Twitter. and shared via FB, I’m Ashley Cabell.

  32. Sheila Hall on said:

    I want the teal one.

  33. I like the teal ones

  34. I love the purple one! ❤ Thanks for the chance! @sweetmatcha

  35. I love the purple one! ❤ thanks for the chance!

  36. Tamra H on said:

    I like the teal!

  37. I choose black but I like teal too!

  38. sarah oswald on said:

    i like the teal the best but i picked boring old black because it goes with anything. thanks for the chance to win any of the prizes!

  39. Peggy Humbracht on said:

    Purple, please, and thank you for the opportunity.

  40. Teal is my favorite one!

  41. Christine A. on said:

    The Purple Travel Wise Cubes are so Cute.

  42. Stefanie Gladden on said:

    fb – stephanie ann
    twitter – stephcouponsxx
    I love the teal!

  43. lindac on said:

    I love the purple!

  44. I like the teal color.

  45. anissa (an) gooch on said:

    love the black

  46. like black

  47. i choose the purple

  48. Can’t go wrong with black.

  49. I like the purple cubes 🙂

  50. Wendy O on said:

    I would take the teal !

  51. I love the purple 🙂

  52. Kristin b on said:

    Love the teal

  53. april b on said:

    Turquoise please.

  54. Pamela Johnson on said:

    black matches my luggage

  55. I like the teal, it’s my favorite color!

  56. Annette on said:

    I like purple (and might have accidentally entered twice, clicking to submit before I was finished checking off the boxes).

  57. Jamie McAnulty on said:

    LOVE Purple.

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