A TravelWise Solution on How to Stay Organized

Have you ever been rummaging through your suitcase wondering where you packed those extra pair of socks or how to keep your clean clothes separate from the dirty clothes?  It’s always a jumbled mess when I pack and I can never find anything.  Not Any More!

Before going on a short weekend vacation, I packed with the all new EatSmart TravelWise 3-Piece Packing Cube System.  Being a frequent weekend vacationer, I knew this was going to be a great tool for me when traveling.  It helped me pack so efficiently that there was room to spare in my suitcase!  I was ready for my 4th of July weekend.


When I checked into my hotel room, I opened up my suitcase and everything was still neatly packed and unwrinkled after being in transit for 3 hours on the crazy highways of New Jersey.  I quickly unpacked and easily found what I was going to wear for the evening thanks to the open mesh design of the EatSmart TravelWise Packing Cube Set.  I placed my packing cubes neatly into the dresser drawers and went on my way knowing I didn’t leave a mess behind.  Being organized on vacation helps me avoid losing any of my belongings and makes traveling a breeze.  Stay organized,  minimize the stress and TRAVELWISE!

How do you stay organized when you travel?


About the Author: Joseph Origoni is the Marketing Manager for EatSmart Products.

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