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Charity of the Month August 2013 – Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc.

EatSmart fans will continue to select each Charity of the Month in 2013. Fans will submit short stories about the charity’s mission and why it’s meaningful to them. We began our Charity of the Month donations in 2011.

August’s Charity of the Month has been chosen by Joseph from EatSmart Products.   He selected Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc.

Read why Joseph chose Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc.rbai logo

As an animal lover, I wanted to give back to my furry friends and help a local animal shelter that is dedicated to finding every animal a nurturing home.  Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc. not only takes care of dogs and cats but also farm animals and reptiles, which attracts more adopters to their shelter.  I really like the fact that the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc. is a no kill shelter and they give every animal a chance at a new beginning.

Another great thing about the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc, is that they provide an abundance of services after you adopt the newest member to your family like low cost care and dog or cat care tips.  Having a featured dog and cat on their website ensures them a forever loving home.  Every animal needs their time to shine.  I’m truly impressed with their mission to protect, shelter, and locate suitable families. All of these animals and the shelter deserve a generous donation from EatSmart for everything they provide.

Also, this is for our special EatSmart employees, Dominick and Emma.  They work really hard at what they do! dominick and emma

About Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc

Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge Inc. believes that all animals have a natural right to humane treatment including proper care, respect, and safe shelter. Our primary mission is to provide sanctuary while finding permanent, loving homes for the many animals that come to us (including feral, elderly, handicapped, and formerly abused animals). Animals in our care receive lots of love in addition to shelter, food, and medical care.  Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge Inc. adheres to a “NO-KILL” policy, giving animals an open-ended stay at a warm, safe place until loving homes can be found.

About the Author:  Joseph is the Marketing Manager for EatSmart Products.

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Kale, Blueberry, Chia Smoothie

  • 1 cup kale
  • ½ cup blueberries, dark cherries, açaí
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tb chia seeds
  • 2 cup milk

  1. Tip everything into a blender and mix.

Click here to watch the video on how to make this smoothie!

About the Author: Angela Kim aka The Squishy Monster creates fun cooking tutorials with Tastemade at and is a food blogger on which features over 250 original recipes that feature both traditional Korean and American food as well as blended fusion dishes.  She also reviews restaurants for a local lifestyle magazine and tours local news circuits to teach people how to cook.

More Good News About the Mediterranean Diet

MedPyramidStrip2For several years now,  the Mediterranean diet has been touted as the diet of choice for reducing heart disease and improving brain health.  Eating lots of salad, fresh fruit, vegetables, a few nuts, a little lean meat, a little fish and small amounts of cheese, olive oil and wine, with meals,  can cut the risk of death from heart attacks and stroke.

 Recent research from Spain indicates that by adding two healthy fats, extra virgin olive oil and a handful of nuts (walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts) daily to the basic Mediterranean Diet will boost brain health even more. 500 volunteers in the trial were aged 55 to 80, all at high risk of heart disease because of diabetes, a  family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels or they were overweight or smokers.  They were randomly assigned to one of three groups:  a Mediterranean diet with extra-virgin olive oil added;  the same diet but with nuts added;  or just a standard diet with advice to cut the fat. med diet

 After nearly 6 1/2 years, people who consumed extra-virgin olive oil and a handful of nuts daily were less likely to show the early signs of dementia than those who stuck to a more traditional diet. “Our findings support increasing evidence on the protective effects of the Mediterranean Diet on cognitive function, ”Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez of the University of Navarra in Spain and colleagues reported in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.  The idea that a heart-healthy diet could also help fight Alzheimer’s fits in with growing evidence that “the kinds of things we associate with being bad for our heart turn out to be bad for our brain,” said Dr. Marilyn Albert, a Johns Hopkins neurology professor and spokeswoman for the Alzheimer’s Association.  Olive oil and nuts contain monounsaturated fats, which are better for artery health than the saturated fats found in butter, meat and lard.

 To learn more,  click here………….. mded heart

About the Author: Maria Geronimo is the Public Relations Director at EatSmart Products.

Broccoli Slaw with Caramelized Grapefruit and Avocado

brocc slaw

How good does this look?!?! This is a must have recipe for summer, a healthy and refreshing salad for all of those weekend BBQ’s. It’s easy to make with minimal cooking involved .  Get the full recipe of Broccoli Slaw with Caramelized Grapefruit and Avocado at! Also be sure to check out more of their delicious recipes to serve up some real gourmet treats this summer.

About Brooklyn Supper: Brooklyn Supper is the story of a family eating with the seasons in Virginia and Brooklyn. Authors Elizabeth Stark and Brian Campbell believe strongly that good, local food and wholesome meals should be for everyone.

Two Ways to Cook Greener

Changing the way you shop for your meals and clean up after them can make a big impact on the environment. Here are two ways you can reduce your impact and cook greener:freshveggies

1. Less driving – You may ask what driving has to do with cooking but if you think about it, they really connected. You have to drive to the store to get your food, the food must be driven to the store so you can buy it and some is transported thousands of miles to get to a store or a different growing region. What can you do to reduce the strain on the environment? Here are some ideas:

  • The first step is to try and buy locally grown food. Visit farmers markets or farm stands or even harvest your own food at the farm itself. By purchasing locally grown food, you help your local economy and farmers and you also get the freshest food possible. Not only that, but the food did not have to be trucked to a far off store thus cutting down on emissions.
  • Another way to go green is to buy seasonal food. Every food has a season it is ripe for. Berries in summer, melons in fall, and so on. Not only is food cheaper when it is in season it tastes better too. By eating seasonal food you are preventing foods being transported from far away countries. Oranges and grapes in winter have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is usually far away. By eating seasonally you can try new recipes, discover new foods, cut down on emissions and save money.
  • Of course, you know it is always best for your health and the planet’s health to buy organic food. Reducing the amount of chemicals you ingest and the amount that flows into the water table is a great reason to buy organic food. Not only does it keep your body healthier but it also reduces the impact that farming has on the environment.
  • Last but not least, try to shop once a month. By reducing how many times you drive to the store you are also reducing your emissions. You can save a lot of time and money by planning ahead and mapping out your meals for the month. Even if you can cut down from a once a week visit to a once every two week visit you can save money, eat better, and stay greener.

cleaning green

2. Fewer chemicals – Clean up time in the kitchen is often a hot spot for chemical use. The harsh chemicals and toxins we use in our kitchens can’t be good for our health or the environment. After all, you end up ingesting whatever you clean your food preparation areas with. With that in mind here are some alternatives:

  • Natural oils make for great smelling and great working cleaners. Orange, lemon, and pine oil all have antibacterial qualities and are safe to use on almost any surface. They also smell great!
  • Vinegar is a great natural cleaning agent that takes away smells and keeps things shiny and new looking. It is also great at dissolving oily buildup and grease.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is a great sanitizer and whitener. Use on porcelain sinks to get them bright white again.
  • Baking soda helps to scrub off tough stains and gritty buildup. It works great for cleaning inside ovens and other hard to clean areas.

Best of all these natural cleaners are probably something you already have around your home. There are also new cleaners popping up at stores with these same ingredients, in case you don’t want to mix up a batch on your own.

About the Author: Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of  Learn more about her

Broccoli Salad, A Korean Banchan

broccoli saladIngredients:
  • 1 Head Broccoli, cut into Florets
  • 3 tb Gochujang (Korean Hot Pepper Paste)
  • 1 tb Sesame Oil
  • 1 tb Sesame Seeds
  • 2 ts Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 2 tb Brown Sugar
  • Black Pepper
  • Green Onion Garnish.
Prep Time:
  1. Boil your water and salt it well. Toss in your florets and cook for no longer than 3 minutes.
  2. Immediately plunge them into an ice bath to stop the cooking process and retain their vibrant green color.
  3. Tumble in all of your ingredients and mix well. Garnish with green onions.
  4. Serve immediately, at room temperature, in bibimbap, or keep in the fridge.

Check out a full video on how to make Broccoli Salad, A Korean Banchan.

About the Author: Angela Kim aka The Squishy Monster creates fun cooking tutorials with Tastemade at and is a food blogger on which features over 250 original recipes that feature both traditional Korean and American food as well as blended fusion dishes.  She also reviews restaurants for a local lifestyle magazine and tours local news circuits to teach people how to cook.

A TravelWise Solution on How to Stay Organized

packed suitcase

Have you ever been rummaging through your suitcase wondering where you packed those extra pair of socks or how to keep your clean clothes separate from the dirty clothes?  It’s always a jumbled mess when I pack and I can never find anything.  Not Any More!

Before going on a short weekend vacation, I packed with the all new EatSmart TravelWise 3-Piece Packing Cube System.  Being a frequent weekend vacationer, I knew this was going to be a great tool for me when traveling.  It helped me pack so efficiently that there was room to spare in my suitcase!  I was ready for my 4th of July weekend.


When I checked into my hotel room, I opened up my suitcase and everything was still neatly packed and unwrinkled after being in transit for 3 hours on the crazy highways of New Jersey.  I quickly unpacked and easily found what I was going to wear for the evening thanks to the open mesh design of the EatSmart TravelWise Packing Cube Set.  I placed my packing cubes neatly into the dresser drawers and went on my way knowing I didn’t leave a mess behind.  Being organized on vacation helps me avoid losing any of my belongings and makes traveling a breeze.  Stay organized,  minimize the stress and TRAVELWISE!

How do you stay organized when you travel?


About the Author: Joseph Origoni is the Marketing Manager for EatSmart Products.

Roasted Broccoli

roasted broccoliIngredients:

One head of broccoli cut into bite-sized pieces
Olive oil
Kosher salt
Course ground pepper


1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

2. Cut the broccoli into bite-sized pieces.

3. Place on a greased foil-lined baking pan. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper. You should use your desired amount. Lemon pepper is also a good addition. I like to use my hands to make sure that the olive oil and seasonings are equally distributed.

4. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes, stirring every few minutes or so to prevent burning. If you like your broccoli firm, remove after about 10 minutes; if you like yours softer, cook a little longer. You’re the boss!

5. Enjoy your Roasted Broccoli!

About the Author: Kim McCallie writes the food blog, A Well-Seasoned Life, where she shares her love of food and family. Her recipes are simple, affordable, and, of course, well-seasoned.

What is so beneficial about Hemp Milk and Almond Milk?

Have you wondered what is so beneficial about hemp milk or almond milk? In general they are pretty much the same in the way they are processed; blended up with water added to the consistency of your liking. But their actual components is what separates the two.

Hemp Milk

It’s funny when hemp milk is mentioned to someone who does not know about the benefits of it. People automatically get an image of the 60’s and envision marijuana leaves.

It is easier to digest for those that are lactose “intolerant”. Also lacks the common allergens that can cause things such as gastric distress to migraines to anaphylactic shock. Sadly all of those allergens are found in cow’s milk. See that should be reason enough to look outside the box.

A single 8 ounce glass of hemp milk contains 900 mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids and 2800 mg Omega 6 Fatty Acids. What is so great about Omega fatty acids? They are fabulous for improving our immune function, organ function, having better skin, nails and improving our brainy function too.

Best of all hemp milk gives your immune system a run for its’ money and that just means you will be healthier then the next person! Also it tastes delis! It is thicker than regular milk which is fine by me especially when I mix up my protein powder with it. The “nutty” flavor it has is just an added bonus to me.

Almond Milk:

Almond’s are rich in Vitamin E which has a vital hand in maintaining the cells in our bodies. The magnesium keeps our bones and teeth healthy. The potassium maintains our blood pressure, while the unsaturated fats reduce heart disease risk. And the best part, the are low in calories, fats and even provide energy for our bodies.

The downside to almond milk is that it can contain some chemicals that have been linked to causing issues with the thyroid. Additionally, almond milk is inclined to have artificial thickeners and sweeteners in them. The additional ingredients up the sugar and carb content as well as the calories. If you solely drink almond milk you should seriously consider where you are getting your protein from and make sure you are getting enough from the other sources.

Have you made the switch yet? Have you tried different types of milk alternatives, what did you think?

About the Author: Chelle is a momma to 6 kids and married to a U.S. Veteran turned long haul trucker. Currently living in Coastal Oregon she is the author of Oh just stop already. Blogging about her journey to find a balance of health, fitness and raising a chaotic family.

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