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5000 + Mother’s Day Giveaway

Mother’s Day is a time to remember all of the wonderful women in our lives who mean so much to us. In addition to this special day for our important ladies, EatSmart has another reason to celebrate. The EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale has garnered over 5000 stellar reviews on! Why not combine these noteworthy occasions and celebrate with a giveaway! 3 lucky winners will each receive a Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale for you AND Mom!

MothersdaygiveawayEntering the contest is easy and can be done through the form below.  Here is how you can win:

  • Fill in your name (1 Entry)
  • Fill in you email (1 Entry)
  • Comment at the bottom of this post and let us know what color Precision Pro you would pick. [White, White Chrome, Black Chrome, Silver or Red] (1 Entry)
  • Like this blog post (1 Optional Entry)
  • Like us on Facebook (1 Optional Entry)
  • Click here to share the giveaway on Twitter (1 Optional Entry)

pro collageGiveaway ends on Monday, May 6th at 12 noon EST. The winners will be selected at random and notified by email. They will have 48 hours to reply back before a new winner is selected. (Sorry, but it’s limited to US residents only!)

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136 thoughts on “5000 + Mother’s Day Giveaway

  1. Karen Delaney on said:


  2. I would love the red one for both my mother and myself

  3. Cassandra Eastman on said:

    I would choose white!

  4. I would choose the red

  5. Chelsea on said:

    I like silver

  6. Deborah Mireles on said:

    I like the black one!

  7. Jeffrey on said:

    Give me the BLACK CHROME!

  8. I want read to match my newly painted kitchen!


  9. Andrea Williams on said:

    I like the pretty red one.

  10. Stacey Roberson on said:

    Would love to have the black chrome.

  11. I like the white scale.

  12. I like the white one.

  13. Love the black and chrome. Would go great with all my other kitchen appliances. Also love the weekly digests. Great work EatSmart.

  14. kim beckman on said:


  15. Christina Anderson on said:

    I love the Black & Chrome one

  16. Leslie on said:


  17. Kathy Reitlo on said:


  18. Jill K. on said:

    They’re all gorgeous, but red would probably be my top choice.

  19. white please

  20. Kimberly Snyder on said:

    white chrome is nice

  21. Lori JB on said:

    Red is lovely

  22. Vanessa on said:

    Black Chrome

  23. angelia medlin on said:

    The white chrome one looks good to me.

  24. I would be happy with any color, but the red is my favorite.

  25. Beth Owens on said:


  26. jeannette woods on said:

    black chrome

  27. Lynita Prater on said:

    Black Chrome

  28. Black/chrome…thanks and good luck to all!

  29. Karen Erdrich on said:

    Chrome and RED

  30. Susan L on said:


  31. I would like the silver scales.

  32. Wow congrats to 5000 reviews! I would choose Red for my mother and Black Chrome for myself.

  33. I would choose silver for me and black chrome for Mother

  34. Jeanne Bates Tennant on said:

    I like the white chrome.

  35. Tanya Ruhling on said:

    Red for me, black for my mom

  36. Jessica Snow on said:

    I would choose Silver and Black Chrome for my mother.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  37. Kellie on said:

    Black Chrome!

  38. felecia on said:

    I like the silver one.

  39. Tyneisha Fondren on said:

    Black Chrome

  40. I would pick red

  41. paula v on said:


  42. james a on said:

    Black chrome. Nice

  43. cnuland on said:


  44. silver

  45. Laura Lemons on said:

    Red or Silver

  46. Teresa Thompson on said:

    I would choose red!

  47. jennifer wexler on said:

    i would choose black chrome

  48. vanessa martinez on said:


  49. Debbie Dorsett on said:

    Black chrome

  50. Debbie on said:

    I would love the silver one. Thanks

  51. bernardina sims on said:

    black chrome

  52. Amy Honious on said:

    i would love to win the chrome finish for me and my mom would love the white! thanks so much for this fab mother’s day giveaway!

  53. Erika Chilton on said:


  54. White chrome

  55. Jess C on said:

    Chrome ☺

  56. Silver. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  57. Sara M on said:


  58. Claire on said:

    I lke white chrome.

  59. Holly C. on said:


  60. The red one for me, the black and chrome for my mom,

  61. Stefanie Gladden on said:


  62. I would like the red for me, the black and silver for my mom,

  63. Red, please! Thanks.

  64. Lynn S on said:

    Red! 🙂

  65. Rosemary Erickson on said:


  66. TerryH on said:

    I’d like the black one, but wouldn’t say no to any color

  67. Bonnie on said:


  68. Kristy G on said:

    silver please!

  69. Barbara Marlow on said:

    I would love chrome black!

  70. Terri on said:

    I would choose silver

  71. Tian A. on said:

    I love Red color, thank you for the chance!

  72. maggie sanders on said:

    I would like the silver color.

  73. Lisa M on said:

    Black Chrome

  74. I like the Burgundy one.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Tom Bellamy on said:


  76. Lisa Burns on said:

    black or red! theyre all cool colors but i think mom would loose it too quickly if it was any other color!

  77. Jamie on said:

    Silver please!

  78. Amy Saiauskie on said:


  79. Courtney Wollert on said:

    Black Chrome =)

  80. DEBBIE STARKEY on said:

    id love to have the red

  81. Joseph Menard on said:

    White Chrome

  82. Veronica Phillips on said:

    I like the black and chrome

  83. Jennifer B. on said:


  84. Phillip Hopkins on said:

    the wife likes red

  85. I really like the silver

  86. I love the red!

  87. tamara priddy on said:

    would like the gray scale or if its silver

  88. Katherine Ellis Hahn on said:

    I would like red

  89. my mother and I both love red

  90. Allicia on said:

    I would like the silver one

  91. Betty Roop on said:

    Black Chrome

  92. grace c on said:


  93. Mindy S on said:

    White Chrome (please). 🙂

  94. ericka coello on said:

    Black Chrome

  95. ryan conklin on said:

    I’d like the Black Chrome color

  96. Danielle Murgia on said:

    I would pick black chrome.

  97. Teresa Motz on said:

    Would love the white chrome kitchen scale…Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  98. I would choose the black chrome scale!

  99. Rhiannon Rowland on said:

    Red, please!

  100. Linda Little on said:

    I would like the black one to match my other kitchen appliances.

  101. laurie damrose on said:

    I like the Black

  102. Marci Cornelius on said:


  103. Amanda Dobarro on said:

    Black please!

  104. Danielle T on said:

    i would pick black!

  105. Stacy Novack on said:

    Black Chrome

  106. Vera K on said:

    I like the black chrome

  107. Rosemary Erickson on said:

    Silver 🙂

  108. Nancy on said:

    If I won, I’d pick silver.

  109. Ginger Furr on said:

    I would like to have mine and mom’s in silver please. Thank you!!

  110. j.s. on said:

    black or silver

  111. Ronnie Somerville on said:

    White Chrome

  112. Chris Mack on said:

    black Chrome

  113. Black is slimming 😉

  114. Amy G on said:


  115. sarah. oswald on said:

    I would love to win the black chrome one, thanksfor the. Chance.

  116. I would like silver

  117. Tina Rath on said:


  118. Linda S. on said:


  119. Nancy Reid on said:

    I like the chrome as it would match my other small appliances and look fabulous on my countertop!

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