Healthy Dessert Smoothie

To celebrate February’s National Heart Month, we’ve “gone red” and created this heart healthy dessert. Replace the cheesecake with this tasty fruit filled smoothie or drink as a  juice replacement at breakfast.

7-10 Strawberries
7-10 Red Grapes
4 Teaspoons of Pomegranates **
1 serving of Greek Yogurt – I used vanilla flavored.
1/4 Cup of Almond Milk or Water

Put all ingredients into a blender and mix until you reach desired texture. This only took about 30-45seconds in my Health Master Blender.

** Substitute the pomegranates for  7-10 raspberries, if you don’t have or like pomegranates.

To impress, always garnish with a piece of fresh fruit.  If you want to increase the nutritional value, throw in a handful of baby spinach.  (We will save this recipe for St. Patrick’s Day!)  I topped it off with homemade whipped cream.

About the Author: Karen Welby is the Marketing Director at EatSmart Products and a Personal Trainer/Health Coach.

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