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Stay Safe on the 4th

starsWater Sports and Fireworks are two traditional pastimes enjoyed at Fourth of July celebrations. The sad truth is that both are linked to numerous deaths and injuries every year. Make this 4th all about FUN by following this common sense list of safety tips.

american flag bulletWater Safety – never swim alone. Always have a designated chaperone to supervise kid’s water play.

american flag bulletFireworks – If legal, store and use safely. Keep away from Kids and spectators –keep your distance! Better yet–attend a fireworks display happening near you.

american flag bullet Alcohol – Goes without saying–Drink Responsibly. Alcohol and fireworks DO NOT MIX!

american flag bullet Safe Boating -Do not exceed your boat capacity–do not overload with family and friends. Be sure to have a life jacket on board for every person on your boat.

american flag bullet Sunscreen – Lather up before going outside and reapply during the day.

american flag bullet Prescription Medications – Prevent drug reactions to the sun by reading labels before going out.

american flag bullet Tick Protection – Long sleeves and long pants will minimize exposure to ticks when hiking and -camping.  Check yourself from head to foot at end of the day–your pets too!

american flag bullet Stay Hydrated – In excessive heat, drink plenty of fluids–meaning H2O– to avoid heat illness. Alcohol consumption can promote dehydration.

american flag bullet Grill and Campfire Safety – Keep kids away –no explanation needed!

american flag bullet Don’t leave your picnic spread out all day – Foods that need to be kept cold should be kept in a cooler to prevent possible food poisoning.

In all the excitement of barbecue, parades, fireworks, family and friends be sure to take a moment to remember what it is we are celebrating–our Independence Day and all the freedoms we enjoy and cherish as Americans!

happy 4th of july

Charity of the Month July 2014 – American Melanoma Foundation


EatSmart fans will continue to select a Charity of the Month in 2014. Fans will submit short stories about the charity’s mission and why it’s meaningful to them. We began our Charity of the Month donations in 2011.


July in National Ultraviolet Safety Month, and in recognizing UV Safety, EatSmart Products is sponsoring The American Melanoma Foundation.  The AMF is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors dedicated to serving the needs of patients and communities nationwide.  AMF is also  a member of the National Council On Skin Cancer Prevention.

Many of you will ask; “What Melanoma is?”  Melanoma is a serious skin cancer and it’s characterized by the uncontrolled growth of pigment-producing tanning cells.  Melanoma can occur anywhere on the body without any warning in men and women.  With the hot summer months here, bringing awareness to Melanoma is very important for individuals young and old.  More than 73% of skin cancer deaths are from melanoma and 1 out of 34 Americans are susceptible to developing melanoma.  Melanoma is caused from excessive exposure to Ultraviolet Lights.   Sun Screen and Sun Block is so important to use and always apply it as recommended.  Read our past blog post about Sun Screen and see why it’s so important to Slather on the Sun Screen.  Always remember to lather up and enjoy the summer.

sunscreen slather

We will be donating 50 cents for every new Twitter follower during the month of July. (So spread the word!)

Click here and EatSmart will donate:

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If interested in submitting a charity for consideration, please email The donation amount will be capped at 500 new followers/likes.


Have a question or comment? Drop us a line in the comment section.


The Mayors Wellness Campaign is a statewide program that gives New Jersey mayors tools and strategies to champion healthy and active living and to improve the overall health of their communities.

The towns of Fort Lee and Hackensack recently completed their 12 week wellness challenges with OUTSTANDING RESULTS. Both programs emphasized healthy eating, exercise and a joint community effort. When you have entire towns working toward a common goal–this gives new meaning to the words Biggest Loser!

Hackensack Wellness Challenge

Hackensack ran an amazing 12 week challenge with all participants losing a total of 633 pounds!

They began the challenge with 263 participants and completed the challenge with 99 participants who worked hard to the very end. Many succeeded in changing their lifestyles, losing weight, eating healthier, exercising regularly, and overall feeling better. All Participants were winners!


Fort Lee Wellness Challenge

Fort Lee ran their first Community Wellness Challenge from March10 through June 2, 2014 . This town-wide event was free and open to residents of Bergen County. Last year, Fort Lee joined Sustainable Jersey and became a little greener. This year, the borough participated in Bergen County’s Wellness Campaign and met their goal of becoming a lot thinner while working toward a healthier lifestyle.
At the end of their 12-week program, a total of 325.2 pounds were lost!WELLNESS CHALLENGE

The challenge included:
• Weekly weigh-ins,
• Motivational health classes,
• Free 2-week membership at Club Metro of Fort Lee,
• And all who completed the program, no matter their individual weight loss, were entered for a chance to win prizes.

It is my pleasure to share such GOOD NEWS with our EatSmart fans. Hopefully, the success of these two communities will be the motivation needed to get US on track to a healthier lifestyle.


Farro & Kale Risotto with Roasted Tomatoes


Looking for a new recipe for summer but have run out of ideas of what to cook? Your questions have been answered! A decadant dish that will wow your dinner guests with just the right ingredients, not to mention the nutrients! A big nutritional plus found in this dish is the use of kale, which is extremely high in vitamins A, C, and K.  Kale is rich in antioxidants, beneficial in preventing cancer and boosting eye-health.  See the full recipe of Farro & Kalle Risotto with Roasted Tomatoes here!

About the Author:  I’m Lori Yates and the I live in metro Detroit. I like to cook. And write. And take pictures of foodie things. And then gobble those things up. Why does this blog have a strange name? Simple: my maiden name is Fox, and I love lemon and all things lemon-flavored. Check Lori’s page for more delicious recipes at Foxes Love Lemons.

7 Ways Packing Cubes Will Improve Your Next Trip

Shared with us from Travel More RoadsTMR

  1. Find things easily.  You are on a trip and decide to change into your favorite red shirt.  You burrow through your luggage, frustrated, leaving your carefully-packed items in a wrinkled, disorganized pile that you will need to repack before you head home. Packing Cubes spare you this trouble – you know that red shirt was packed neatly in your medium grey packing cube, so you can grab it easily and go, saving time finding the shirt and avoiding a re-packing project at the end of your trip.
  2. Fit more.  Roll items, then place in packing cubes – rolling clothes saves space on each item,  and packing cubes allow you to make more use of space by keeping items organized and compressed.
  3. Never really unpack.  Take packing cubes out of your luggage, flip the tops over, and set in a hotel drawer.  Your items will stay organized, can be easily repacked (just re-close the cubes and put back in your suitcase), and your clothes never touch the hotel drawer.TW-group-1500-01
  4. Organize by person.  Family trip?  Use different color packing packing cubes for each family member, so you can consolidate into fewer suitcases while still staying organized.
  5. Organize by leg of the trip.  Spending a few chilly days in London before heading to warmer Barcelona?  Want to throw on something comfortable for your long plane ride home?  Separate outfits for each portion of the trip into different packing cubes.  You can use different colors here too – red for London, purple for Barcelona, and grey for comfortable travel days!
  6. Organize by type of item. You can also use different colored cubes to separate by type of clothing.  For example, keep business clothes for your conference in one cube and casual outfits in another.
  7. Separate on the go.  Designate a “laundry cube” to pack away dirty clothes during your trip to stay organized.  You can even bring an extra cube for this purpose, perhaps a different color from the rest!  Shopping on your trip?  Bring an extra cube to help fit items that you purchase while away.

About the Author: Travel More Roads is a blog all about the best travel advice to save you time and money.  Head on over to Travel More Roads to travel better and travel more.

Cannelloni Bean and Broccoli Rabe Meatballs



  • 1/2 bunch of broccoli rabe (about 3/4 lb.), stems removed and coarsely chopped
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 3/4 cups cooked or 1 can of cannelloni beans, drained
  • 1 cup panko or plain bread crumbs
  • 1/2 tsp. Italian seasoning
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp. black pepper
  • about 1 tbsp. olive oil
  • marinara sauce


  1. Preheat oven to 400.
  2. Steam broccoli rabe for about three minutes, until slightly tender. Allow to cool for a few minutes, and then place in food processor with onion, garlic, beans, panko and seasonings. Pulse until blended completely and beans are partially mashed, scraping bowl as needed. Shape into 2″ balls.
  3. Coat baking dish or large cast iron skillet with about 1/2 tbsp. olive oil. Place meatballs in dish or skillet and brush with remaining oil. Bake for about 30 minutes, rolling them around about every ten minutes to get even browning all around. Serve with marinara sauce.

About the Author:  Alissa Saenz crafts vegan recipes for her blog Connoisseurus Veg. When she’s not cooking and blogging about it, she’s probably engaging in some form of yoga, arts & crafts, or lawyering.

Tangerine-Honey-Vanilla Fruit Salad

fruit sal
  • 1 Ataulfo Mango, cut into small chunks
  • 1 container organic strawberries, halved
  • 1-2 bananas depending on their size (if small use 2), sliced
  • 1 tangerine, juice squeezed out
  • 1 Tablespoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • pinch sea salt
  1. Whisk together tangerine juice, honey, vanilla and pinch of salt in a bowl large enough to fit the fruit.
  2. Toss fruit gently with the sauce. Serve or keep in refrigerator for a few days. If you plan to do that, I add the banana right before serving.
About the Author:  A modern day family cook has great intentions, wants to nourish their love ones with delicious food that is also easy to make, but needs inspiration, ideas, and resources because life is crazy and endlessly busy.  That is what I am here for. Like me on Facebook for new recipes and food news that families can use.

Charity of the Month June 2014 – National Safety Council


EatSmart fans will continue to select a Charity of the Month in 2014. Fans will submit short stories about the charity’s mission and why it’s meaningful to them. We began our Charity of the Month donations in 2011.

June is National Safety Month

Each June, the National Safety Council celebrates National Safety Month as a time to brsafety braining attention to key safety issues. The National Safety Council has many National Safety Council Chapters near you that you can join to help bring awareness of being safe and prepared to your community. Each week in the month of June, the NSC focuses on a new issue. This year they will be focusing on the prevention of prescription drug abuse, slips trips and falls, be aware of your surroundings, and putting an end to distracted driving, respectively.

It’s very important to bring awareness of safety to our communities. We all could learn useful values and educate our young ones on safety. Constructing a safer environment leads to healthier living and here at EatSmart, that’s what we strive starts with you


We will be donating 50 cents for every new Facebook follower during the month of April. (So spread the word!)

Click here and EatSmart will donate: FaceBook_512x512

If interested in submitting a charity for consideration, please email The donation amount will be capped at 500 new followers/likes.

Flipping The Switch

flip the switchLet’s face it, many of us in America need to lose weight. And for that to occur, one thing has to happen: expend more energy than we take in. When this happens, our body turns inward and starts using what is has available in our fat stores to unlock the energy we need to live.

Exercise has always been hard for me; after all I am not an athlete nor do I care to conduct a regimen of structured activity on a regular basis, except for walking and daily everyday activities. For me the best approach is to take in less food than what I need, and let the exercise become a backup player in the weight loss struggle.

I say “struggle” because that’s what it is unless something magical happens: I “flip” the switch. What switch? The switch in my brain. When that switch is flipped, it indeed becomes easier to watch and become accountable for what I eat. No one can do that except me. And once the switch is flipped, it’s hard to flip it back unless I really mess up. For the switch represents an intangible commitment, the hard to describe feeling or desire that “This time, I will do this” and in the process lose the “poor, poor me”, “I just can’t do it,” and “it’s just too hard,” lamentations. Flipping that switch allows me to face the music, suck it up, and brain switchinstantly be strong. When that happens, I am able to be hungry without giving up, count the calories or points, get on that scale, buy the right food, throw out the junk, encourage myself, and keep going. I can even trip but the flipped switch gets me up and on the path again.

Prepare yourself to flip YOUR switch. Get mad at your daily eating failures. Be tired of the tight clothes. Get over the feelings of helplessness and excuses. Face the music. Flip that switch.

About the Author: Jeanne Hoskin has a PhD in food science and nutrition and is working in the food and pharmaceutical industry for 30 years. Jeanne has traveled the world and loves to cook and write. See Jeanne’s blog at and her etsy store ( )

National EMS Week


EatSmart Products would like to thank and recognize our family and friends, as well as all who serve their communities as Emergency Medical Service Practitioners (EMS). The Week of May 18th-24th is National Emergency Medical Services Week, and with that we are sending our thanks to all of the amazing people that put countless hours into helping others in our communities.

We would like recognize some friends and family of EatSmart Products who are EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technicians) for their outstanding service:

Mary Parisi – Rockland County EMT, Rockland County NY vol emt

Mary, a friend of ours at ToiletTree Products, served as an EMT for 9 years in the Rockland County Area.
“I trained as an EMT because I had witnessed other EMT’s as they assisted my loved ones. I knew this would be a powerful way to pay it forward.”

Heather McGee – President of Tri-Boro Ambulance, Park Ridge NJ

Heather has been with Tri-Boro Ambulance for 22 years. She is now the President of Tri-Boro and they are always searching for new EMS recruits to join such an important piece of the community. “After being in a severe car accident at the age of 19, I was so grateful that Tri-Boro Volunteer EMS got out of bed just to come save me. Once I recovered from my injuries, I have been repaying my thanks as an EMT  for Tri-Boro.”

Marisa Origoni – EMS Practitioner for Tri-Boro Ambulance, Park Ridge NJ

Marisa took on the responsibility of training to be an EMT her Junior Year of High School. She’s always had a passion for the medical field and is currently studying to be a nurse at Sacred Heart University. She’s been part of the Tri-Boro team for 2 ½ years and she has no plans of stopping. “Not only do I love being an EMT, but it also gives me a sense of satisfaction that I am helping someone and/or possibly saving a life.”

thanks you ems


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